I know many of the wedding planning websites like The Knot, Wedding Wire, Style me Pretty and many more, give you a list of questions to ask your photographer. I am going to answer as many of them as I can on here now.

Q. How long will it take to get my photos back?

A. Your images will usually be ready to ship to you in 4-6 weeks after your big day. After your wedding day you will have the option to purchase Rush Return, this will have your wedding photos pushed towards the front of the line at my retouch company and they will be ready to ship to you in 10 days.

Q. Why don't you list how many hours we get on your collections?

A. I know I work very differently from most Wedding Photographers that you have already spoken to, but there is a method to my madness, I promise....... A wedding day to me is just that "Wedding DAY"! It is about moments and creating memories, not about cramming as many photos in as quick as possible. I want to give you amazing and creative photos without you feeling stressed out because we are running behind with Hair & Makeup or maybe the drive between the Bride getting ready and the groom getting ready is 30 minutes. Who knows what can happen on a wedding day? I don't want us all watching the clock all the time, I want to capture moments and beautiful, meaningful photos of the most special day of your life. So if your moments take 8 hours, then I shoot 8 hours! Maybe your wedding is all in one location and will take 6 hours, okie dokie, I will shoot for 6 hours....... Lets plan a relaxed timeline around what we want to shoot rather than rushing to fit a predetermined set amount of hours

Q. How many images will I get from my wedding?

A.Different packages come with different numbers of photos you will receive due to me possibly being at the wedding longer. It ranges from 300 to 600 depending on the package and there is always an option to upgrade to more images if you fall in love with more.<span style="caret-color: rgb(209, 213, 216);"></span>

Q. Do you edit all the photos?

A. Edit is a strange word, it has a stigma with it that makes us think of crazy photoshopping in magazines. I have my images retouched. Think of it as more of a polish to make sure that the coloring is perfect and the exposure is perfect. All your photos will be retouched by a professional retouch company. I do not retouch or edit the photos I take. I like to get everything as close to perfect as I can in camera and I know I am not very good at photoshop and editing, so I leave it to the professionals.

Q. When will I get my proofs?

A. Now that we are in a digital age with photography I no longer deal with printed proofs, but the digital proofs will be available to choose from in 4-6 weeks as standard. If you can't control your excitement then you can upgrade to rush processing which will make your digital proofs available in 10 days .

Q. Do you provide albums?

A. Yes! I work with one of the best album companies in the world who create all their albums by hand just outside Venice Italy.

Q. How long can you hold a date for me?

A. To make it fair for everyone, unfortunately I am unable to hold a date or "pencil you in" without a signed contract and 20% retaining fee (deposit).

Q. What is the required deposit?

A. 20% of the total amount is required to book your date.

Q. Is the deposit refundable?

A. The retaining fee (deposit) is non refundable. Once you have paid your retaining fee and signed your contract I will guarantee that date for you and turn down other clients for that date.

Q. What is my wedding date changes?

A. If you have to change your wedding date and I am available for the new date, I will switch the date at no charge.

Q. How many weddings will you photograph on my wedding day?

A. One! Yours! I will only ever photograph one wedding per day.

Q. Will you bring your own lighting?

A. Yes, any lighting that I may need I will bring with me. Except the sun, I will order the sun for your wedding day but unfortunately that is out of my hands.

Q. Do you work from a shot list?

A. I have done this so many times that there is a shot list embedded in my mind of all the photos I have to capture at every wedding. I don't want to have my head stuck in a checklist and miss the spontaneous moments that are going on around us all.

That being said, you will get a questionnaire a couple of weeks before your big day so you can tell me about the family pictures and any other photographs that are important to you. So we don't work from a written shot list for the whole wedding but we will work from your shot list for your family formals and special request images.

Q. What is your preferred style of photography?

A. My style is contemporary classic. I want your photographs to look as amazing in 30 years as they do on the day you say "I do" to the love of your life. There are many filters and photoshop effects that can be a little "trendy" and the problem with trends is that they go out of fashion. I don't want the color of your dress or suit or flowers to look a different color in your photos than they do intro life. So I shoot in a classic true life style so you get to look back on your wedding day just the way it was.

Q. We want a photojournalistic style, can you do that?

A. I can certainly see why the photojournalistic style is appealing, and for most of the wedding day I will be photographing in a photojournalistic or candid way to capture your special day with no direction.

But, there are times when direction is important to get the best image possible. I am thinking about those images that you will want to have enlarged or turned in to a beautiful wall art like a canvas or a metal print, or the images that you want as a double spread in your amazing handmade Italian wedding album. Those pictures need direction to make them Wow! It could be just a little direction on a pose or a backdrop or a movement to make the lighting hit you perfectly.

I am not going to over pose you and some of the images you see that look natural are more than likely directed or "posed" as we know them, I just pose in a different way than the old school ways.

I have enough experience to know when to photograph in a photojournalistic style and when a little direction is needed so we can get you the best photos possible. It's the best of both worlds.

Q. I am ready to book! What do I do now?

A. Once you are ready to book I require a signed contract and the retainer fee. The balance is due no less than a month before your wedding day date. Just CONTACT me to let me know you are ready and we can get your wedding photographer checked off your "to do" list.