Baton Rouge Professional headshot for new career path

Baton Rouge Professional headshot for new career path

Baton Rouge professional needed new headshots for her new job.

This grey backdrop is one of three backdrops we capture in a ZeroFourFour session.

We photograph on a classic white background that is perfect for businesses that require a uniformed look throughout their company and have all employee headshots looking the same for display in the office or on a website. We photograph this mid grey back ground with some texture in it. This background still looks very professional and very classy but adds a little more of a contemporary style to the headshot.

Then we finish with the black background. This still looks professional because of the clean lighting but it is a really modern look and is incredibly eye catching. The grey and black backgrounds are fantastic for LinkedIn profiles to get you noticed by employers and still look professional while kicking in a bit of personality too.

We capture all three so that you don't have to decide which one to go with beforehand, you can decide after you see the photos

Location: 11857 Bricksome Ave, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.