Professional Denham Springs executive business headshot

Professional Denham Springs executive business headshot

Denham Springs dental school business employee headshot on light grey backdrop for new website being built by Baton Rouge marketing company.

For decades now a headshot has been a staple of many businesses and careers. What exactly is a headshot? In many cases these days it is the first impression someone gets of you, your headshot can be the difference between you looking professional or not, it can be the difference between you coming across as friendly and approachable or not, it can show how much pride you take in aspects of job applications.

Imagine applying for a job in the corporate world and there are three applicants where you all have exactly the same experience and schooling. Two people have selfies attached to their application and one person has a crisp clean professional headshot attached to their application. What do you think it says about the person with the professional headshot? It says to me that the applicant has great attention to detail, that the applicant has made an effort to present themselves in the best way they can, they care about their application and are taking it serious.

for as little as $150 you can have a great professional headshot that will last you for years to come, it will last you for many job applications and it could be the difference between getting that interview or not.

Location: Denham Springs, Louisiana.