Engagement photo under the stars on the Mississippi

Engagement photo under the stars on the Mississippi

This beautiful sky just after sunset was the perfect backdrop to end this engagement photo shoot in Louisiana.

The subtle backlight with the light trickling through on to this happy couple was enough to show the love between them, as they stand on the Mississippi River levee in Paulina Louisiana during their engagement photo session.

It was a very humid night and this was the very last shot we got of the night and it couldn't have been more perfect as they smile at each other before they kiss. I am pretty sure they kept forgetting I was even there because they truly did fall in to each other every time they looked at each other. Genuine smiles and affection made this engagement portrait session so easy for me the photographer.

Earlier in the day we had captured some amazing shots in the crop fields around the area and we captured the sunset a little earlier, but the sunsetting left us with these incredible subtle colors in the sky and it also showed us some stars.

I could have put a light straight at them and lit them up beautifully but I felt that this setting was screaming for a gentle and subtle look across the whole composition. I was very excited about this whole photo shoot.

Location: Paulina, Louisiana.

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