Flowing veil on a stormy wedding day in Baton Rouge

Flowing veil on a stormy wedding day in Baton Rouge

The storms were coming and going outside this Baton Rouge church, we used the wind and the dramatic skies to capture this beautiful photo of the newlyweds.

When Mother Nature decides to have a little fun on your wedding day, the best thing we can do is embrace it and use it to our advantage. This day was very wet and rainy and the skies were very overcast with he storms coming and going all day long.

The rain stopped for just a few minutes and we saw the opportunity to get outside with these two newlyweds and create something epic.

For this photo we were stood in a parking lot next to the church and we had very little time to set up the shot, so I quickly set up an off camera flash to light up the couple. I then got down on my knees and photographed up into the dramatic grey sky. The veil was blowing around and the rain was starting to fall again but we did get this beautifully simplistic image of the new husband and wife that shows off their wedding day. It was wet, it was windy, it was stormy and grey but it was an incredible day. I wanted to capture the memory of the weather that day but I also wanted to show that it didn't make a difference to the beauty and happiness of the day. Mission completed.

Location: St Anthony Catholic Church, 2305 Choctaw Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70805.

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