Mount Hope Plantation Gazebo wedding at night

Mount Hope Plantation Gazebo wedding at night

Gazebos at night are a classic wedding photograph to capture but I wanted to add something a little different to this shot so I slowed the camera shutter to make the blue in the night sky come through to add a pop of color. The flash highlighting our newlyweds froze them in time.

I am pretty sure that neither of them were paying attention to what I was doing as they were so in to each other I don't think they'd have noticed anything other than each other.

Mount Hope Plantation on Highland Road in Baton Rouge is a beautiful wedding venue that has a great rustic feel but also has the elegance inside the house that some of the bigger plantations offer.

With a covered outdoor reception area the DJ really got everything going and all the guests had a great time partying and celebrating with our happy couple.

Location: Mount Hope Plantation, 8151 Highland Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70808.

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