Reflected wedding ring detail photo

Reflected wedding ring detail photo

Reflection of the wedding rings in the marble hotel counter top in Baton Rouge Wedding.

This wedding was all about elegance, the venue for the ceremony was the old state capitol in downtown Baton Rouge with is all about beauty and elegance.

The hotel that the bride and groom was getting ready in was really lavish and stylish. It had this great marble on every counter surface that you saw, so when I saw how warm and shiny the marble was, I had an instant idea for a simple and classy ring shot.

I loved the color of this marble best and it happened to be in the hotel hallway, right outside the elevators, so every hotel guest on the floor was watching me position these rings perfectly and play with lighting to get the best sparkle and reflection. I was in the zone though, I wanted this elegant, warm and simply classic photo and I think I captured exactly what I was looking for.

I always want the ring photos to be coherent with the rest of the wedding photos. I know many photographers will bring along props and papers and backgrounds to create great wedding ring photos but I believe that having a random photo that doesn't match the rest of the day seem s a little impersonal and with the rings being such an important marital symbol, the ring photo should flow with the rest of the photography. In my opinion.

Location: Hampton Inn & Suites, 462 Lafayette St, Baton Rouge, LA 70801.

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