Rich emerald green forrest for this Bridal portrait

Rich emerald green forrest for this Bridal portrait

Fairytale style Bridal portraits in the forrest.

This elegant bridal portrait was photographed using off camera flash balanced with the ambient light in the forrest to give this rich emerald feel.

Having the ability to use flash effectively gives me so many more options for changing the look of a photo session quickly. I originally saw this in my mind as completely natural light and after a took the photo I did really like it but I wanted to make that amazing dress pop from the background. There were such amazing deep greens in the shadows of the trees and with natural light I wasn't able to portray the atmosphere in amongst the trees.

So with a little pop of flash on the beautiful bride to be I got her to really stand out from the background and give the feeling of the forrest at the same time. I didn't even have to move the bride or pose, I just changed lens and added a flash and we got a whole new look.

This is one of my favorite images from the shoot which was a very rainy day but the whole shoot was made to feel warm and ethereal just by using light in it's best way. I love photography for that very reason.

Location: St Francisville, Louisiana.

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