Silhouette of Bride and Groom in front of Fire Fountain

Silhouette of Bride and Groom in front of Fire Fountain

The simplicity of this photograph of this newlywed couple on their wedding day is what makes this image so romantic.

This silhouette creates such mystery. What are they looking at? What is the emotion happening? Has he just kissed her nose or is he about to kiss his wife? Is he looking at his lips or are her eyes closed as she listens to him breath as he gets closer?

I honestly don't need to know what they are thinking at this moment, I like to think that when these two look back through their album together and they turn to this page, the thoughts and feelings they were having during this shot will come flooding back. Maybe they will share their feelings with each other or maybe that feeling will be one they keep to themselves. Maybe it will be talked about in 10 years time.

The power of print has that ability to take us back and the snap shot in time that a photograph gives us makes our minds dig even further beyond that first feeling and emotion and our memories start replaying in our minds, before you know it the whole day is relived in your mind and all the emotions from that day come flooding back to you.

I love the thought of their little girl one day opening up this wedding album as an adult or a young lady just about to get married herself and her mom and dad reliving their wedding day with her.

Location: Houmas House & Gardens, 40136 LA-942, Darrow, LA 70725.

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