Bride and groom party the night away with groom's son
Cake topper miniatures for the newlyweds on the big day
Traditional Second line ends the night of festivities.
Dancing through a cloud of confetti on wedding day
Bride and groom mingle and dance with their guests
Saying I love you with no words during first dance
The groomsmen embarrass the groom with a little dance
Bride and groom lost in each other for the first dance
Flower girl dances with her mom and dad at first dance

Baton Rouge based photographer - Wedding Reception Party Photos

We love to get involved in your wedding reception so we can capture photos from your perspective and bring those memories back for years to come.

This is where anything can happen and if it does then I want to be there to capture it. I will always be floating around the reception with my camera in hand ready to get a photo of that moment that no one predicted. That moment when grandpa drops his walker and tears up the dance floor at 95 years old.

That moment when maybe a little too much champagne has been consumed and the whole bridal party are singing Summer Lovin' from Grease to each other at the top of their voice.

Who knows what will happen? All I do know is that I am very well known for my reception images as I like to make sure you get the ambience from the room decor and lighting mixed in with your images and I photograph from on the dance floor. When I am on the dance floor I can capture the reception from your point of view, not just photographing the back of people as they dance and celebrate with all their friends and family.