Award Winning Wedding Photographer Damion Haines


I am a British photographer now photographing headshots and portraits in the Baton Rouge and South Louisiana area of the US.

My style has a timeless classic look with a contemporary expression to it. My images will stand the test of time and will be admired as much in 50 years as they are now, no crazy editing or filters, just making the day shine like the people involved in it.

One thing you will hear me say often (in my British accent) is "Print is so romantic" and I truly do believe this. It is a special feeling to look through an album that tells the story of a wedding day or walk in to someone's home and see prints on the walls of their special day and loved ones.

Photography to me is the most personal type of art there is and you don't hide art away on a computer.

I have travelled the world for both business and leisure. Traveling is in my blood as much as photography is. If you are looking to elope, whether it is in the US or a destination wedding in Europe or the Caribbean...... I can guarantee that I am as confident anywhere in the world as I am in my own back yard.

I am very much a people person, I love to talk to people and get to know them, so don't hesitate asking to meet me for a coffee and a chat about your big day or maybe Skype with me if you are out of town. I want to get to know you and I take great pride in being considered as your photographer.

"PRINT IS SO ROMANTIC" - Damion Haines