If there are any questions that I do not answer for you here, please don’t hesitate in reaching out to me.

Q. How do I book my headshot photo shoot?

A. This couldn't be easier, you don't even have to call me during your busy day or send an email and wait for a reply....... I know you are busy so I have set it up so you can choose a date and a time online and book it all online at any time of the day or night. Just go click here BOOK NOW!

Q. What is the turnaround time for getting my photos back?

A. You will get your online proof gallery on the next business day. Once you have chosen your images and placed your order, those images will be sent to my retoucher. Business headshots will be returned from the retoucher in about 3 business days. Pageant images will be returned in 5-7 business days. The reason for this is that Pageant retouching is much more extensive than business headshot retouching.

Q. Where is your studio?

A. My studio is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana just off Sherwood Forrest exit about two minutes from the I-12 interstate. The full address will be sent when you book.

Q. Can I just drop in for a headshot session?

A. I am at the studio by appointment only as many of my shoots are on location.

Q. Can you come to my office?

A. Yes! For businesses that have ten or more team members or employees that would like new headshots, I will set up mini studio in your place of business to make it even easier for your team.

Q. What back drop colors can I use?

A. Usually I will shoot with three backgrounds as standard. White, gray and black. These three usually cover all needs for corporate, pageant and performing arts headshots. I have such a huge variety of backdrop colors though, it would take way too long to list them all. If there is a specific color that you would like or if the color needs matching to other headshot already shot for the business, please let me know in advance and I can make sure I can do that for you.

Q. Do I get the digital copy of the image?

A. Yes, you get full resolution digital copies of the images you purchase so that you can use the photo on any websites you need, including social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Q. Can I screen shot images from my gallery to use on social media?

A. No! To use images you do not have permission to use on any social media or web based platform is against the law and I take copyright infringement very seriously. I do offer a cheaper licensing option on your images so you can post them to social media. Check out that option here CLICK

Q. Can I buy prints from you?

A. Yes, you can buy prints directly from the gallery where you download your images from and they will be delivered directly to you.

Q. Will my headshots be edited?

A. I offer different levels of re-touching and editing for headshots. I do NOT do editing and retouching myself. All images are sent to professional retouchers to have an expert complete the work. The only images that will be edited/retouched are the images you purchase.

BASIC RETOUCH - Included in the price of your headshot

- Removal of facial shine (not highlight removal)

- Removal of stray hairs

- Removal of skin blemishes

BASIC PLUS RETOUCH - $20 fee for each image

- Everything in Complete Retouch

- Teeth Whitening

- Removal of braces

- Removal of glare on glasses

- Background color switched (solid colors only)

- Removal of clothing wrinkles (if possible)

SPECIAL SERVICES EDIT - $30 fee for each image

- Everything in Basic & Basic Plus Retouch

- Edit to change age

- Edit to change body shape

PAGEANT RETOUCH - $45 fee for each image

- Flawless skin retouching

- Teeth whitening

- Eye brightening

- Flyaway hair removal

- Makeup enhancement if required

Pageant retouching is a very detailed and close up retouching option to make your images look as perfect as possible.

HAIR & MAKEUP CORRECTIONS - $50 per hour fee

Includes correction of hair color (matching extensions) extending and blending fake eye lashes, lip color change, nail touchups, lip line smoothing...............

- Corrections to Hair and Makeup is charged at $50 per 30 minutes (rounded up to 30 minutes)

Q. What is the difference between "A Look" and "An Outfit"?

A. A look is usually the change of a single garment or accessory to give a change to the look. It could be the addition or removal of a jacket or tie, maybe removing a tie or changing the color of a shirt or blouse. An Outfit is the change of multiple items at one time. Mini sessions include different looks but outfit changes take too long for a 30 minute session, so we recommend anyone that require outfit changes should look to book a standard session.

Q. Can I bring a makeup artist and hair stylist to the shoot?

A. For longer shoots and portrait shoots, yes. For shoots less than 90 minutes I do not recommend it as there is very little time to actually change anything.I don NOT allow any use of aerosols or sprays in the shooting room. Please complete all of that in the front room.

Q. Can we do Hair & Makeup at the studio?

A. If you would like to do hair & makeup in the studio before your shoot please request it as soon as possible. If the time slot is available before your shoot, a two hour block will be scheduled. The cost to book this 2 hour hair & makeup block is $175 and must be paid in full at time of booking. This fee is charged to the client.