Business Workshops

More Time on the Business, Less Time in the Business.

What does that mean exactly?! What it means is that to have a successful business we need to have our business running efficiently and smoothly. When we get our business set up with a solid foundation, it becomes easier to manage. We need to work ON the business to build a solid foundation.

When we end up working IN our business we end up feeling like we are always trouble shooting or doing work that is pulling our attention and time away from important things we need to be doing to develop the business. We get stuck in a continuous circle with no way to get away from it without change.

In this workshop we will talk about:

- Business Analysis

The importance of analyzing your business to establish clear directions in moving your business forward

- Individual Business Reviews

Damion will review your business from a client standpoint and also from an outsider to give some suggestions on some business changes you could consider.

- Your Company Vision & Company Perception

We will talk about how you see your company in your mind, how you want your company to appear to your clients and how you can get there.

- Client Communication

How are you communicating to your clients? Is it efficient and welcoming? Is it too time consuming and draining your time that you could be spending elsewhere? We will look into this.

- Marketing.

Are you stuck with marketing? Marketing is all about thinking outside the box and being noticed which isn't always easy. Marketing can cost either time or money, you have to put one of these aspects into it. Let's talk about some ideas to get you there.

- Websites & Social Media

What is your online footprint saying about you? Is it representing you in the way it should? What works and what doesn't work for social media? Let's go through it.

- Pricing

Pricing is the thing that so many photographers struggle with. We will go in to working out your baseline pricing and really discovering what you are worth.

- Sales

We will go into tips to selling more work and how to set yourself to create a sales environment for your clients.

WHERE: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

WHEN: Saturday, August 20th 2022

TIME: All Day 8am-6pm

Lunch will be provided

COST $350 per person. 10 people limit. 50% due at time of booking, 50% balance due 7 days before the event.